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Hello Beautiful! I am very excited you are interested in a Boudoir Session with Sheila Meade Photography (A division of Recollection Road Photography).

I am a Christian first and foremost and I am also a boudoir photographer.  Because of my Christian convictions, I believe that boudoir photography is best used in the context of marriage.  I think any man would be thrilled that his wife (or wife-to-be) would love him and have courage enough to be photographed in such a way.  In a healthy, Christian marriage, a woman should feel sexy, desired, and appreciated for her body even with it’s imperfections.  But when a woman doesn’t feel good about the way she looks, she doesn’t bring to the marriage that needed energy that can really help fuel true intimacy.  A boudoir shoot can give a woman that much needed confidence. It’s really amazing what a little sexy confidence can do for a marriage.


Boudoir is pronounced Bu-dwah or Bu-dwar, and is technically defined as, “a woman’s bedroom or private room for dressing or resting.” In the realm of photography that involves a portrait session that a woman does privately for her man, usually in lingerie.   Although the shoot is usually done as a gift for her man,  women find that the shoot is very pampering and gives the opportunity for her to feel feminine, gorgeous, and sexy. Women are bombarded these days with seeing other women in magazines, TV, etc. who have been airbrushed, photo-shopped and the works.  They end up comparing themselves to these women and feeling “blah” about how they look.  A boudoir session is a great opportunity to bring out the true beautiful you all while boosting your confidence, being pampered and capturing visual art for your man.  God made those men to be very highly visual…..let’s make his visual memories of you!



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